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Steve Thomas
  • Steve Thomas

  • Born: Pomona, California.

  • Description: Steve Thomas is an American author and TV personality. In his career Thomas has been the host of the PBS home TV series This Old House from 1989 to 2003 and of Renovation Nation, on Discovery's former Planet Green channel, for two seasons (2008–2010).
    Thomas was born in 1952 in Pomona, California as the oldest of six children. His father used to buy and renovate old houses in order to support the growing family. His grandfather Steve Thomas Rooney, who was Episcopal missionary in the Arctic Alaska, was also a DIY guy.
    After graduating in philosophy from Evergreen State College, Thomas started to work as a contractor and carpenter. Soon he decided that sailing on open sea is something that will help him see the world. For that reason Thomas bought his first sailboat and set sail over the Pacific. This voyage led him to Satawal where he met Mau Piailug and spent months learning the ancient technique of star path navigation. Here Thomas documented the daily life of Satawal in his book The Last Navigator.
    Other best-selling books Steve Thomas Rooney has written include This Old House Kitchens, This Old House Bathrooms, This Old House Guide to American Houses and more.