Sparrow AuSoleil Quotes

Sparrow AuSoleil
  • Sparrow AuSoleil

  • Born: in love, The United States.

  • Description: A thousand miles apart but together in devotion, Sparrow AuSoleil is driven by a desire to embrace love's madness as well as its miracles. Aiming to honor love in all its forms, from tender to taboo, they've written several collaborations together in addition to their individual work.

    Inspired by a photograph, Light and Wine was passed back and forth for over a year. Written only while both halves of Sparrow AuSoleil were present in love's focus, it grew in restaurant booths and on long bus rides, underneath blankets and over the moon. It is the first published effort for both writers.

    Now Isn't For Ever is their second and current work in progress.