Quotes by Sonny Brewer

"I thought about people loving dogs and dogs loving people, which, proved--to me, at least--there was more than science in the universal scheme of things. If dogs just scratched, and people just went to work, maybe I'd doubt God. But with love floating around, senseless love abounding, then I don't doubt divine Providence."

Books by Sonny Brewer

  • Cormac
  • 241 ratings
  • October 30th 2007 by MacAdam Cage

    (first published September 28th 2007)

  • The Widow and the Tree
  • 140 ratings
  • November 3rd 2009 by MacAdam/Cage Publishing

    (first published October 1st 2009)

Sonny Brewer
  • Sonny Brewer

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Sonny Brewer is the author of four novels, including The Poet of Tolstory Park and The Widow and the Tree. He edited the anthology series Stories from the Blue Moon Café and most recently, Don't Quit Your Day Job - Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs they Quit published by MP Publishing in 2010.