S.K. Valenzuela Quotes

S.K. Valenzuela
  • S.K. Valenzuela

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: For S.K., writing is just one step away from breathing. She remembers writing haiku poems at the age of 7, and she and her sister have been writing stories together for as long as they both can remember.

    S.K. immersed herself in classic literature as a child. Her favorite books as a girl were L.M. Montgomery's fabulous Emily series, about a girl who dreams of being a writer...and makes it come true.

    She took a winding path to her own publishing and writing career...heading first through a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature, where she spent long hours studying medieval and classical arts of memory and poetry.

    Her favorite stories are the ones that show characters in extremes, where they have to make a choice between being the best version of themselves...or not. She also loves to make her characters face the darkness within their own hearts...to find out who they really are when the lights go out.