Shellie M. Saunders Quotes

Shellie M. Saunders
  • Shellie M. Saunders

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: I’m a writer, wife, mom, daughter and friend who has witnessed the undeniable reality that God has an awesome sense of humor and extends favor over and over. I released my first novel, Broken Vessels—on April 2 and it went to #22 on one of Amazon’s best seller lists. Broken Vessels is the first of a series, and my goal is to make readers burst into laughter, wipe away tears and feel renewed in their own situations.

    I have a Mass Media Arts (Print Journalism) bachelor’s degree from Hampton University and a Written Communication master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. With nearly 16 years of experience as a professional writer, I’ve written everything from technical manuals to biographies, interviewing people including the late Stanley “Tookie” Williams—Crips gang founder who later became an anti-violence and children’s book author.

    I’m new to Goodreads, and I hope I make some friends here. If not, I always have the characters on my Goodreads shelves to keep my company. That could get interesting!