Scott A. Butler
  • Scott A. Butler

  • Date of birth: March 10
  • Born: in Rochford, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Scott A. Butler is a multi-genre, tea-addicted author who was born in Rochford in England. He is currently living (as far as he is aware) in Southend-On-Sea.

    Due to losing his hearing as a child and being forced to wedge a mini-computer in his ear, Scott developed a very active imagination and became socially awkward. Noticing that people were beginning to question his sanity, he stopped telling others about the things in his imagination and decided to write it all down instead, after finding an old typewriter at his grandparent's house. He finds that writing about made-up people is much easier than actually talking to real ones.

    When he is not writing stories, being awkward or creating alternate universes, Scott can either be found drinking tea, eating cake, watching cat videos, being a slave to his many pets, filling his head with useless Doctor Who facts or pretending not to be jealous about other authors.

    You can learn more about Scott on his website (click here). You can Follow Scott on his Facebook fan page and his Twitter page. .