Quotes by Sarah Grand

"Our opinion of people depends less upon what we see in them, than upon what they make us see in ourselves"

"Just like the mountains, all jumbled together when you view them from a distance, had Beth's impulses and emotions already begun to be in their extraordinary complexity at this period; and even more like the mountains where you are close to them, for then, losing sight of the whole, you become aware of the details, and are surprised at their wonderful diversity, at the heights and hollows, the barren wastes, fertile valleys, gentle slopes, and giddy precipices- heights and hollows of hope and despair, barren wastes of mis-spent time, fertile valleys of intellectual accomplishment, gentle slopes of aspiration undefined, and giddy precipices of passionate impulse and desperate revolt. Genius is sympathetic insight made perfect; and it must have this diversity if it is ever to be effectual- must touch on every human experience, must suffer, and must also enjoy; great, therefore, are its compensations. It feels the sorrows of all mankind, and is elevated by them; whereas the pain of an individual bereavement is rather acute than prolonged. Genius is spared the continuous gnawing ache of the grief which stultifies; instead of an ever-present wearing sense of loss that would dim its power, it retains only those hallowed memories, those vivid recollections, which foster the joy of a great yearning tenderness; and all its pains are transmuted into something subtle, mysterious, invisible, neither to be named nor ignored- a fertilizing essence which is the source of its own heaven, and may also contain the salvation of earth. So genius has no lasting griefs."

"I found a big groove ready waiting for me when I grew up, and in that I was expected to live whether it suited me or not. It did not suit me. It was deep and narrow, and gave me no room to move."

Books by Sarah Grand

  • The Heavenly Twins
  • 173 ratings
  • January 7th 1993 by University of Michigan Press

    (first published 1893)

  • The Beth Book
  • 101 ratings
  • January 1st 1981 by Dial Press

    (first published 1897)

  • Ideala
  • 17 ratings
  • May 29th 2008 by BiblioLife

    (first published 1888)

Sarah Grand
  • Sarah Grand

  • Date of birth: June 10, 1854
  • Died: May 12, 1943
  • Born: in Donaghadee, County Down, Ireland.