Sanjiva Wijesinha Quotes

Sanjiva Wijesinha
  • Sanjiva Wijesinha

  • Born: Colombo, Sri Lanka.

  • Description: Dr. Sanjiva Wijesinha grew up in Sri lanka, where he graduated from the Colombo University medical school and then completed a research degree at Oxford University. He trained as a surgeon and worked as a paediatric surgeon in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong before migrating to Australia and re-training as a family physician.
    For the past forty years he has been writing health and travel articles – initially for newspapers in Sri Lanka and subsequently for newspapers and magazines in Australia, Britain, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and the US.
    His published books include Health for Busy People, Live Happily Ever After, Health in These Times, Stories of the Silk Roads, Not Our War, Friends, Tales From my Island and Strangers on the Camino.
    He now lives in Melbourne Australia, where he practises as a family physician and is an Associate Professor at Monash University.