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  • Description: I'm really rather boring... Honestly. I live a pretty hum-drum life as a wife and mother. I shop at the local supermarket and use coupons now and again. See? Boring stuff.

    I live in Virginia now, so I am learning all kinds of new things - such as being able to buy beer and wine along with bread and toothpaste. Wow!

    Having been born and raised in England, I do possess a well-developed feel for the English countryside. Comes in handy for those Regency tales.
    Even though I was transplanted over to the US side of the Atlantic, I still have ties to all things Brit. I bake sausage rolls and make Christmas pudding. You can take the girl out of England, but not England out of the girl, I guess.

    I'm not sure anyone can write really well unless they read. A lot. I read anything and everything these days. And mostly on my couch with a book on my knees. Yes, the technology is out there for electronic versions, but there's not much to compare with a shiny new hardcover from a favorite author.