Quotes by Sadhu Sundar Singh

"God is revealed in the book of nature for God is its author."

"One day I saw a flower and began to contemplate its fragrance and beauty. As I thought more deeply, I recognized the creator of such wonders- not with my mortal eyes but with my spiritual eyes. This filled my heart with joy, but my joy was still greater when I recognized that same creator at work within my own soul. How wonderful is God, separate from creation yet ever filling it with his glorious presence."

"If God is completely beyond our knowing, how can we know that he is unknowable?"

"Admonished for his lack of familiarity with twentieth century science, Sundar Singh said, 'What is science?' 'Natural selection and survival of the fittest,' he was told. 'Ah,' Sundar Singh replied, 'but I am more interested in divine selection and the survival of the unfit."

"Truly blessed are those whose hearts know the peace of God; otherwise, the poor and the rich, the beggar and the king are all alike."

Books by Sadhu Sundar Singh

  • At the Master's Feet
  • 137 ratings
  • December 1st 1977 by Fleming H. Revell Company

    (first published 1922)

  • The Spiritual World
  • 33 ratings
  • October 18th 2010 by Singh Books

    (first published July 26th 2010)

Sadhu Sundar Singh
  • Sadhu Sundar Singh

  • Born: India.

  • Description: Sadhu Sundar Singh (3 September 1889, Patiala State, India) was an Indian Christian missionary. He is believed to have died in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1929.