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Rossi Fox
  • Rossi Fox

  • Born: The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Hi I'm Rossi, I can often be found upside down on my yellow yoga mat, journal writing and getting creatively messy. I am a quote addict, a gadget geek and an aspiring minimalist. I also consider myself to be a cake magnet, as I can't walk past a cake without being attracted to it. You too?

    Once a reluctant journal writer myself (I was scared of the blank page) I discovered the benefits of keeping a journal while studying Psychology and Visual Communications. My intention for 365 Journal Writing Ideas is to help you defeat the blank page, start a regular journal writing practice, unlock your journals full potential and enjoy some you-time.

    Some of my favorite things are sleeping, reading with my legs up the wall, opening parcels, pop-up books, action movies, the smell of blown out candles, iPhonography and being a tourist. I am allergic to mathematics and I look like I am taking part in a flash mob dance for one whenever a wasp comes near me.

    Thanks a million, Rossi.