Quotes by Rosalyn Drexler

"I, Larry Vail, do hereby confess
To murdering Merry in her little dress.
To strangling and raping and making a mess.
To all of these charges the answer is yes."

"The play takes place on a ramp, hanging from a ramp, below a ramp, and to the sides of a ramp."

Books by Rosalyn Drexler

  • Bad Guy
  • 13 ratings
  • October 1st 1991 by PAJ Publications

    (first published June 3rd 1985)

  • The Cosmopolitan Girl
  • 9 ratings
  • March 28th 1975 by distributed in the U.S. by Lippincott

    (first published 1975)

  • Three Novels
  • 2 ratings
  • November 10th 2014 by Verbivoracious Press
Rosalyn Drexler
  • Rosalyn Drexler

  • Description: Rosalyn Drexler, a painter, playwright, and novelist, has been on the scene in several arts for many years. She is well known in Soho art galleries, infamous off-Broadway, and highly regarded as a fiction writer.