Quotes by Robin Lane Fox

"Excavations at Ai Khanoum on the northern border of modern Afghanistan have produced great quantities of Greek inscriptions and even the remnants of a philosophical treatise originally on papyrus. One of the most interesting is the base of a dedication by one Klearchos, perhaps the known student of Aristotle, that records his bringing to this new Greek city, Alexandria on the Oxus, the traditional maxims from the shrine of Apollo at Delphi concerning the five ages of man:

In childhood, seemliness
In youth, self-control
In middle age, justice
In old age, wise council
In death, painlessness"

"Their (the Greeks)encounters with foreign were not coloured by the belief that such people's religion was false and inferior, the belief that thinges Christians, Muslims, Hindus or atheist nowadays"

"I wish I was here, or I wish I was there...' In our age of global travel we are all potential heirs to the simile of Hera's flight."

"Those who idealize the past tend not to understand it: restoration kills it with kindness."

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  • The Confessions
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  • May 1st 2001 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

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Robin Lane Fox
  • Robin Lane Fox

  • Born: The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Robin Lane Fox (born 1946) is an English historian, currently a Fellow of New College, Oxford and University of Oxford Reader in Ancient History.

    Lane Fox was educated at Eton and Magdalen College, Oxford.

    Since 1977, he has been a tutor in Greek and Roman history, and since 1990 University Reader in Ancient History. He has also taught Greek and Latin literature and early Islamic history, a subject in which he held an Oxford Research Fellowship, and is also New College's Tutor for Oriental Studies.[1] He is a lecturer in Ancient History at Exeter College, Oxford.

    He was historical adviser to the film director Oliver Stone for the epic Alexander. His appearance as an extra, in addition to his work as a historical consultant, was publicized at the time of the film's release.

    Lane Fox is also a gardening correspondent for the Financial Times.

    He is the father of the internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, the founder of Lastminute.com.

    They are not related to, and should not be confused with Robin Fox, anthropologist, and his daughter Kate Fox, social anthropologist.