Quotes by Robert Harris

"To say she was my girlfriend was absurd: no one the wrong side of thirty has a girlfriend… I suppose I ought to have realize it’s ominous that forty thousand years of human language had failed to produce a word for our relationship."

"To be brave, by definition, one has first to be afraid."

"Of all human activities, writing is the one for which it is easiest to find excuses not to begin – the desk’s too big, the desk’s too small, there’s too much noise, there’s too much quiet, it’s too hot, too cold, too early, too late. I had learned over the years to ignore them all, and simply to start."

"Power brings a man many luxuries, but a clean pair of hands is seldom among them."

"Cicero smiled at us. 'The art of life is to deal with problems as they arise, rather than destory one's spirit by worrying about them too far in advance. Especially tonight."

Books by Robert Harris

  • Fatherland
  • 40,050 ratings
  • April 1st 1993 by HarperTorch

    (first published 1991)

  • Pompeii
  • 37,354 ratings
  • November 8th 2005 by Random House Trade Paperbacks

    (first published November 21st 2003)

  • Conclave
  • 22,860 ratings
  • November 22nd 2016 by Cornerstone Digital

    (first published September 22nd 2016)

  • An Officer and a Spy
  • 22,813 ratings
  • January 28th 2014 by Knopf

    (first published September 26th 2013)

  • Munich
  • 17,546 ratings
  • September 21st 2017 by Cornerstone Digital
  • The Ghost
  • 14,349 ratings
  • October 30th 2007 by Hutchinson Radius

    (first published October 23rd 2007)

  • Enigma
  • 13,225 ratings
  • September 1st 1996 by Ballantine Books

    (first published September 11th 1995)

  • The Second Sleep
  • 11,990 ratings
  • September 5th 2019 by Cornerstone Digital

    (first published August 20th 2019)

Robert   Harris
  • Robert Harris

  • Born: in Nottingham, England, , The United Kingdom.

  • Description: ROBERT HARRIS is the author of nine best-selling novels: Fatherland, Enigma, Archangel, Pompeii, Imperium, The Ghost Writer, Conspirata, The Fear Index, and An Officer and a Spy. Several of his books have been adapted to film, most recently The Ghost Writer, directed by Roman Polanski. His work has been translated into thirty-seven languages. He lives in the village of Kintbury, England, with his wife, Gill Hornby.