Quotes by Robert Dunbar

"I see dull people,” she yawned."

"Quiet is really just a lot of small noises that most people don’t notice."

"Every hunchback has his gypsy, each phantom his diva, and flames of passion consume witches and martyrs alike. For any lonely monster, tradition demands that one sacrificial soul seek immolation.
Ashe to ashes.
It remains the ultimate, transformative act of love."

"Cinema – all art really – has great power. Power to illuminate. Power to transform. For those of us who experience film as literature, classic movies comprised an introductory education in the genre. As kids, many of us went searching through library shelves for obscure source novels after seeing some old movie or other. It was the start of many an adventure."

"The original Gothic horror tales focused on personalities deformed through loneliness. Ghouls, vampires, werewolves: all made, not born. But the isolation? Are even such as these ever truly alone? Perhaps the psyche has always been more complex than that, desire eternally more potent than terror. Surely, none prowl entirely in solitude."

Books by Robert Dunbar

  • Willy
  • 151 ratings
  • January 24th 2011 by Uninvited Books

    (first published January 4th 2011)

  • Wood
  • 73 ratings
  • February 22nd 2012 by Uninvited Books

    (first published February 1st 2012)

  • Vortex
  • 14 ratings
  • May 1st 2013 by Uninvited Books
  • Dark Forest
  • 6 ratings
  • July 15th 2014 by Uninvited Books

    (first published July 7th 2014)

Robert Dunbar
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