Robert Black Quotes

Robert  Black
  • Robert Black

  • Born: The United Kingdom.

  • Description: "Writers begin with a grain of sand, and then create a beach."“Writers and other artists are mostly just historians, produced by nature to describe, decipher and thus historically represent the universe.”, poet, surfer, ex-criminal lawyer. Author of The Fake Celebrity in China, Laowai, Cusala, The Control Sickness, Bali Fungus, The Somalians, Dark Days and Dangerous Nights, & other stories and poems.Fiction, semi-autobiographical fiction, some non-fiction, plus some poetry. To be honest, I write for myself. Therapy, I suppose people would call it. Or trying to define myself, find myself. So when someone buys and reads one of my stories, and calls it a piece of crap, I can only assume they have not gained the same therapeutic effect from it, as I did, when I wrote it.Generally speaking, I write to represent and record the human condition. I write in a plain style, but I like to have all the details of an experience, place, and a person, and what they said.I think a good writer should be able to take the reader to that place, that experience, and to that person.Art is very subjective, but common sense would suggest that people who are easily offended, will not appreciate my writing.In my life, two things and two people have impressed me greatly.The two things are surfing and meditation.The two people are Alan Watts and Charles Bukowski."The past is just a memory, the future merely an expectation. They are illusions. They only exist as thoughts in your present mind. There is only the now." - Alan Watts."The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence." - Charles Bukowski.