Quotes by Robbie Ross

"It is a consolation or a misfortune that the wrong kind of people are too often correct in their prognostications of the future; the far-seeing are also the foolish."


Books by Robbie Ross

  • De Profundis
  • 12,635 ratings
  • May 4th 2005 by Kessinger Publishing

    (first published February 1905)

  • Lordi
  • 2 ratings
  • 2020 by Supraphon
  • Masques and Phases
  • 1 ratings
  • May 15th 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Robbie Ross
  • Robbie Ross

  • Date of birth: May 25, 1869
  • Died: October 05, 1918
  • Description: Robert Baldwin "Robbie" Ross was a Canadian journalist and art critic. He is best known as the executor of the estate of Oscar Wilde, to whom he had been a lifelong friend. He was also responsible for bringing together several great literary figures, such as Siegfried Sassoon, and acting as their mentor. His open homosexuality in a time when homosexual acts were illegal brought him many hardships.