Rob Fitzpatrick Quotes

Rob  Fitzpatrick
  • Rob Fitzpatrick

  • Date of birth: June 08, 1984
  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: Rob is an entrepreneur of 12 years. He went through YCombinator (s07) with an attempt to figure out social advertising before Facebook managed to do so, which obviously didn’t work out so well. He has raised funding in the US and UK, built products used by customers like Sony and MTV, designed and Kickstarted a card game, cofounded the education agency Founder Centric, rebuilt a little sailboat, and has built and launched countless silly hobby and side projects which have (so far) managed to keep the wolf from the door. He’s a techie who (grudgingly) learned enterprise sales. He now specializes in the gathering of unbiased customer learning and taking an idea from nothing through to its first dozen or so paying customers.

    Rob is the author of The Mom Test book about how to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea even when everyone is lying to you. Taught at top universities including Harvard, MIT, UCL, and many more.

    Coauthor of Workshop Survival Guide about how to design and run effective, engaging, high-energy workshops.