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"Just when you think you're ready to type THE END, you go back and change something you didn't like....Repeat...."

"My Characters Tell ME Where THEY Want to Go."

"Books are written to take you places planes could never reach, so let your imagination soar."


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R.L. Stoll
  • R.L. Stoll

  • Born: Grand Rapids, MI, The United States.

  • Description: I reside in the quaint town of Plainwell, MI with my husband and three little princesses. As a wife and mother, I keep myself busy with carpooling, volunteering, cleaning, cooking, teaching, and watching the Disney Channel way more than I ever imagined. In my spare time, I work out, write, garden, teach Sunday School, read, swim, and research genealogy.

    As a YA writer, my goal is to rouse booklovers everywhere to read and write. I believe writing is advantageous and therapeutic for all ages. Whether it is penning fiction or nonfiction, great things WILL blossom! This is why I choose to write. I want to teach, inspire, challenge, and encourage those around me and generations to come.

    My future writing plan includes: Finishing Keep Safe and Unleashed (Book II and III of the Dust to Flesh Series), starting a military memoir (based off my husband’s experiences overseas), an autobiography, and a historical romance that transcends time and race.