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"The list seemed endless; each soldier’s name evoked a memory, an image of youthful vigor, a sense of incalculable loss. “I knew them all.”515"

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Rick St. John
  • Rick St. John

  • Born: in Waterbury, CT, The United States.

  • Description: Rick St John --- story-teller, poet and historian --- has authored a wide range of creative works, from light-hearted, children’s stories to poetry of the Vietnam War. In his latest book, Tiger Bravo’s War, he returns to Vietnam to chronicle the exploits of a company of young paratroopers in the 101st Airborne Division during some of the war’s heaviest fighting. A story he knows only so well, as he was one of those paratroopers. With two successful careers behind him, retiring as a US Army Colonel in 1993 and as a Group Executive of a global, financial transactions processing company in 2012, Rick is now working on his “bucket list” - - - teaching and writing. He lives and writes in the woods, by a small lake, in South Georgia.