Rick L. Huffman
  • Rick L. Huffman

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Rick L. Huffman began a broadcasting career in 1985 as a part-time disc-jockey. Soon making the transition to television, Rick was involved in every aspect of production over a 20 year span, which eventually led him to New York. Fed up with high-strung bosses, Rick totally changed gears in 2005 and started driving an 18-wheeler across the country for the next five years.

    After making a career change to trucking, it did not take long to see that a story of this unique lifestyle waited to be told. He began taking daily notes on the adventures of road life, intent on telling a story of a passionate group of whom little is known by the general public, namely, truckers.

    Huffman is a veteran of the United States Navy where he served aboard a nuclear fast-attack submarine during the cold war era. No longer on the road, he currently works in IT support and spends his spare time with his family and pursuing a lifelong passion of writing. He is currently working on his first novel and hopes to have a first draft of the manuscript completed by early 2015.