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Richard Cronshey
  • Richard Cronshey

  • Born: in Los Angeles, The United States.

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    Richard Cronshey was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He lives in the Intermountain West and is a therapist specializing in working with survivors of trauma.

    "Richard Cronshey's work-- unlike most of the new work I see which seems inhibited by a kind of literary anxiety-- is not only full of the Imagination, but also dedicated to the Imagination. I'm amazed at how Cronshey is able to surprise me from line to line. I have never seen such humor amidst such desolation, such inventiveness in the midst of such disappointment and loss." Larry Levis 1990

    "I admire Cronshey's vivid understanding of the parallel lives of anger and tenderness, savvy and innocence, deprivation and glory. Cronshey is already an artist of accomplishment and maturity. His work is always intelligent, but never academic...always speculative, but never frivolous... always visionary, but never obscure. The fact of his work and the scope of his project refresh me, inspire hope in me. Ultimately these are poems of mercy and mercy shall always find welcome and delight." Donald Revell 1996

    "The poems of Richard Cronshey bear that peculiar boundary between longing and fulfillment. There is, here, a quietude that is only gained by real experience, and thus, is immutable. In the poems of Richard Cronshey, Time meets time in an unexpected and joyous community. This quality defies convention. As does he. Cronshey lives the old maxim: poeta nascuiter non fit, and seems ok by doing so. It's hard to write delicate, reverent poems now, but Cronshey does so with a grace born of midnight bus stations and the barely tolerable knowledge of the instant. Thus they are true diamonds, back when "adamant" was the root of that word: they are light without lie, unflinching, how looking upon anything with true, unsentimental love burns, but you turn not away. Reading the poems of Richard Cronshey can only largen your life. You must do so." Sundin Richards 2011

    "This is a superb book of poetry. Richard Cronshey evolved long ago from LA street punk to global wanderer to monk to poet, but in his most recent collection, The Snow and the Snow, he's writing as if he's at the end of life, not looking back over the years with smarmy nostalgia, but looking forward into the mounting blindness that is both ecstatic and terrifying. If you want to know what the best contemporary, underground American poetry looks like, check out The Snow and the Snow." Andrew Haley 2011

    "The back of this book is white like the snow of the title, and that is good, because the kind of blurbs that appear on the backs of poetry books would be a disservice to this strange and beautiful work. I say strange because after reading and re-reading most of these poems, I have both no idea and every idea what they're about. I say beautiful because they are. I mean, what is there really to say about the following lines:

    "I have escaped through a trap door in the floor of myself
    and disappeared.
    How many years since you lay down in the snow you loved and died?"

    For me, the highest praise I can give a poem is that it makes me want to pull a 13-year old kid out of his desk in class and give him 10 bucks to go spray-paint it on the back wall of the nearest Walmart. I feel that way about almost all the poems in this book. " Andrew Baron 2011