Quotes by Rachel Pollack

"Marion: What is all this? What's going on?
Clint: The same thing that's always going on. The end of the world."

"To learn to play seriously is one of the great secrets of spiritual exploration."

"Do not confuse the 'subconscious' with the 'unconscious', whose attributes include courage as well as true knowledge. A great deal of confusion has resulted from the use of these two terms as synonymous. I am using the term 'subconscious' here to stand for material -desires, anxieties, fears, hopes - repressed by the conscious mind as it deals with the outer realities of life. 'Unconscious' means the absic energy of life, that area of being beyond the ego. The subconscious, despite its hidden qualities, is really an extension of the ego. In a sense, it embodies the ego's absolute domain, that realm where it makes no compromises with reality. Because it does not concern itself with consequences the subconscious will walk you in front of a truck to avoid an unpleasant conversation. The unconscious on the other hand, balances and supports us by joining us to the great surge of life beyond our individual selves. The Hanged Man in the Major Arcana gives us a powerful image of this vital connection."

"God," in these pages, becomes a way to express our universal desire to know and to comprehend the sacred."

"Carry shadow on your back, embrace light in your arms,” the Tao Te Ching tells us)"


Books by Rachel Pollack

  • Godmother Night
  • 264 ratings
  • November 7th 1996 by Abacus

    (first published September 1st 1996)

  • Child Eater
  • 189 ratings
  • July 1st 2014 by Jo Fletcher Books

    (first published June 30th 2014)

Rachel Pollack
  • Rachel Pollack

  • Date of birth: August 17, 1945
  • Born: in Brooklyn, New York, The United States.

  • Description: Rachel Pollack is an American science fiction author, comic book writer, and expert on divinatory tarot. Pollack has been a great influence on the women's spirituality movement.