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Phillip Lundberg
  • Phillip Lundberg

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Phillip Lundberg grew weary of programming computing machines one day and decided to devote a little more time to philosophy, having completed a Master's degree at the New School he had already been dabbling a bit with a translation of Plato’s Parmenides. The end result, about five years later, was his first book: Tallyho ~ The Hunt for Virtue: Nine Dialogues by Plato. This translation is an attempt to re-instate Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Plato Interpretation and provide English readers with a book of dialogues that truly introduces them into this convoluted maze of ideas, a maze with a roadmap furnished by Schleiermacher. Lately Mr. Lundberg has been pursuing a better Kafka translation and his latest book, Essential Kafka, has been available since June-07 and is now superceded by KAFKA UNLEASHED (2018)! A translation with interpretation that is destined one day to rise up and Shock the world back into sanity... at least so we hope.

    Mr. Lundberg holds a master’s degree in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research and studied extensively in Germany during his formative years, in particular at the Hegel archives in Bochum.

    Currently a 2nd edition of Plato's dialogues is Mr. Lundberg's work-in-progress; time will tell whether it ever is published. As of April 2019 two new dialogues are ready: Laches & Euthyphro. A review of the whole with added material is now in order.