Peter Prichard
  • Peter Prichard

  • Born: in The United States.

  • Description: I am a writer, political activist, public/keynote speaker, youth advocate and leadership development consultant.

    I am the author of the novels Dawn of Hope and Dawn of the Tobacco Wars: the Sequel to Dawn of Hope and the Amazon International #1 Bestseller Have a Positive Impact During Uncertain Times which are all available on Amazon and my website: My two novels focus on the efforts of a female teenage activist to lessen the instances of sexual assault and bullying on and the use of tobacco products by young people. Have a Positive Impact During Uncertain Times provides information and links to dozens of resources that help individuals understand how they can have a positive impact during these divisive times.I have also developed programs for the public. I am making the most popular, titled Making the Most of Your 2nd Fifty Years...available for free at my website: