Peter F. Jemison
  • Peter F. Jemison

  • Born: in Newcastle upon Tyne, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: I come from a working class environment. Thanks to the sacrifices my parents made I enjoyed a university education and I wish they were still alive so I could express my appreciation more fully.
    I qualified in Metallurgy and for the first twenty years of my working life was occupied in iron and steel foundries. The work was hugely interesting but extremely hot and sometimes dangerous; on one occasion I was badly burned by molten steel at 1650 degrees centigrade.
    However the financial rewards were not great and to improve the futures of my wife and two children I switched to insurance brokering. The firm I founded became a success And fifteen years after its creation I sold it very profitably. Then it was teaching for a few years before I retired.
    As I'd always the desire to write, but never the time, the opportunity had arrived to make use of the experiences my three-tier career provided. Hence my first crime novel was born