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Pete Sprankle
  • Pete Sprankle

  • Born: in Freehold, New Jersey, The United States.

  • Description: Pete Sprankle was born in a small town in New Jersey in 1972 and spent most of his childhood drawing and writing. Even when everyone else stopped because it wasn’t cool or hip, he found it was his best escape into a different world. After high school and taking weekend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and at a very young age became a fixture in the New York nightclub scene. He spent the following year trying to succeed as a fine artist displaying his work at numerous shows and events throughout the city. He featured in group shows with the likes of poet Allen Ginsberg and Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, along with many solo exhibitions, but saw that the art world was slowing down during the recession, so he moved home to search for a different path.
    He spent the next seven years traveling and developing numerous projects. After writing a science fiction novel, several screenplays and a series of children’s books, he decided to take a more serious look at becoming a filmmaker, and attended the New York Film Academy in October of 1994. His first film was a short called “Do You Have The time?” with a then unknown Ellen Pompeo of TVs “Grey’s Anatomy” (which can be watched at He soon decided to buy his own film equipment, and wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a 73-minute feature film called LEON TWELVE; a strange comedy based on his theory that God didn’t create the Earth, he just owns the licensing rights. (it is divided into 12 chapters at Three years and $15,000 later he was finished, and with his first feature film in hand he thought it was time to move west. In September of 1999 he drove across country to start over in LA, and see if he could sell his movie in the belly of the beast. To learn more about the process of filmmaking in this growing digital age he went back to school at the Academy of Entertainment Technology in Santa Monica to study 2D and 3D animation, story boarding, digital editing, as well as other computer art programs which he would use to enhance future projects and put more of the control of the creative process in his hands. At the dawn of 2004, he decided it was also time to go back to follow his true passion in fine art, and started the year off with completing 16 new paintings in less than two months, followed by an on-line Gallery,, made up of his best work for the whole world to have access to. He also started using networking sites like to build a following, and saw the potential of these sites to bring artists together. He proceeded to write a screenplay called GETTING PERSONAL based on his experiences as well as those of his friends, and eventually use other stories and material from previous screenplays to expand on this project to write his novel GETTING PERSONAL In addition, he took the knowledge he has acquired in filmmaking to direct and produce his second feature film called CHANNEL SURFING, and a spec TV pilot called DICS (which can now be seen at ). Despite all of the walls that keep most aspiring artists back and cause them to give up on their dreams, Pete Sprankle knows that any dream is attainable, and that “those who think unrealistically are the ones who change reality.”