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Penney Peirce
  • Penney Peirce

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Penney Peirce is the author of a series of popular guidebooks: Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity; Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration; Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention; The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness; Dreams for Dummies (out of print); Dream Dictionary for Dummies; and The Present Moment: A Daybook of Clarity and Intuition (out of print).

    She is also the author of a series of eBooks: The Present Moment: A Daybook of Clarity and Intuition; Be the Dreamer Not the Dream: A Guide to 24-Hour Consciousness; and Bits & Pieces 1, 2, and 3.

    Penney is a gifted clairvoyant empath and visionary, as well as a popular lecturer, counselor, and trainer. She specializes in intuition development, expanded perception, inner energy dynamics, dream work, and personal transformation. She works throughout the US, Japan, South Africa, and Europe as a coach to business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, other trainers, and those on a spiritual path.

    Penney is known for her accurate, sophisticated, and intriguing insights into the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success, materially and spiritually. She weaves together teachings in psychology, philosophy, personality typing, and metaphysics with her experience in writing, advertising, design, and corporate art direction.