Quotes by Paula Rinehart

"Trust hangs somewhere between knowing what your heart longs for and trying to dictate the shape or timing or outcome of your heart’s desire. It lies in the willingness to accept the particulars of how and when and where God chooses to intervene. It waits in the cool shade of surrender."

"It turns out that playing it safe, at least in matters of the heart, is the most dangerous thing you can do. By that route, you become a butterfly pinned to the wall, with wonderful colors and all kinds of potential but going nowhere. Your wings are clipped. To really fly you must claim the courage to live out of your real self, the one God called into being."

"If you want to know real joy in life, then be willing to let pain tutor your soul."

"When you taste a measure of being able to love and enjoy the people in your life, without having to have any particular response from them, you are tasting bliss. You can move out into life, and you don’t have to have your parking ticket stamped by human approval to do it."

"you can’t really love other people well unless you are at home in your own soul. You will simply be too afraid."

Paula Rinehart
  • Paula Rinehart

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: I'm happy to share with you my latest book (written with Connally Gillam). It's called ...And Yet Undaunted: Embraced by the Goodness of God in the Chaos of Life. I think you'll find it a fresh take on God's goodness when life look anything but that, so to speak. Some of you know I wrote Strong Women, Soft Hearts and Sex and the Soul of a Woman. I'm a counselor and speaker living in Raleigh, North Carolina, but really, my first love is writing and books.
    I think you'll find this latest book, especially, describes the life you are living....and the hope on the horizon you can see, however faintly at times.