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Patty   Smith
  • Patty Smith

  • Born: Ohio, The United States.

  • Description: My name is Patty Smith, the author of "The Children’s Hour", "The Children's Hour of Holidays" and "The Big Hungry Hairy Green Monster." These children’s books came to life while, I had been working on the deep rooted story "A Rude Awakening." Often In life, we come face to face with the unexplained, a true life changing mystery. It’s been several years now, since this spiritual calling began. This story holds the power to heal and mend past broken children, whom are still living out their adult lives, as the abused child that they were. Motivated through the higher power, often in my frustration, I would question God. “So you send me a gift, a gift indeed, but why a gift if I do not know how to wrap it for a soul?”
    Following my husband’s suicide, haunting nightmares of gunshots began echoing in my head and I began living behind the curtains of darkness, when I desperately fell into the hands of a psychologist. Weeks later she stepped forward, taking me back on a journey, through the scandalous times, when we lived in the deadly clutches of father. In a desperate search for the inner child, it reveals the hidden secrets, lies and fears we keep. After years of abnormal living, evil forces won their triumph, overpowering and stealing, what moral senses I had left, as I met face-to-face the consequences of my reckless actions, with society’s reactions. One by one disaster emerged. A tragic and shameful ending that left me plagued with guilt, as I frantically searched for the answers of …Why, Why, Why? This dramatic and chilling story was written surrounding true events and heart wrenching emotions, demonstrating the abuse that has left our minds repentant for what we believed, we could not alter, nor change. A connection of hurt minds coming together, allowing us to heal, as we find the purpose entwined.
    *The names, places and sequences of events have all been changed to protect, more than just the innocent.