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Paschalia Keskinidou
  • Paschalia Keskinidou

  • Date of birth: September 15
  • Born: in Greece.

  • Description: Educator and author, Paschalia Keskinidou is passionate about two things: children and storytelling. When she’s not teaching creative lessons to her elementary students, Keskinidou is writing imaginative stories that capture the essence of childhood. “[I] love children's books and writing children's stories that entertain, teach and encourage children's imagination.”

    Born in the beautiful country of Greece, Keskinidou has published more than five titles . Readers of her work are instantly immersed into a world of captivating storylines, inventive characterizations and beautiful illustrations. Keskinidou’s personal admiration for nature and animals is also a fascinating motif in her stories.

    Appealing to a diverse audience, Keskinidou’s books are available for purchase in German, Greek and English translations. She is currently working on a suspense-filled mystery that highlights a dog and his owner’s magical encounters with “unknown beings”. This addition is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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