Quotes by Omar Al-Attas

"When in doubt, be simple. Your life purpose should be an easy target to conceive sometimes all it takes is a simple act of courage to get you there."

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Omar Al-Attas
  • Omar Al-Attas

  • Born: in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Description: Habib Omar Bin Syed Hussien has had a passion for helping people his entire life. Today, as the author of How To Discover Your Life Purpose in 21 Days, he is doing just that.

    Through his company The ALXSlife, he fulfills his vision of providing a life purpose for his customers.
    His position as CEO of ALXlife comes after a five-year career in sales and marketing and experience as a Social Media Ambassador.

    Well educated with courses completed in Human Sciences, Omar continues his education by reading countless self-help books and attending conferences like The Ultimate Success summit in Sydney given by Anthony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson.

    In his spare time, Omar loves travelling alone and learning about himself and others.
    To contact Omar or learn more about The ALXSlife, please [email protected]