Olivier Föllmi Quotes

Olivier Föllmi
  • Olivier Föllmi

  • Born: France.

  • Description: Olivier Föllmi willingly describes himself as a “world photographer”.

    Profoundly impressed by the Himalayan world, he and his wife, Danielle, founded their family by adopting four Tibetan children. They have also created an educational aid association in the Himalayas : HOPE. This love story has become world renown and has received some of the most prestigious awards.

    It was in developing a passion for other lands that Olivier Föllmi has become a great “traveling photographer”. This is the price in which “to have something to share, to say and to show. A perfect photo, but devoid of sense, will never equal a blurry photo with a touching message".

    Each of their travels gave birth to a book with photos and texts that are a veritable ode to life and the means to share the emotion with the greatest number of people.