Quotes by Noel B. Gerson

"According to her views,” her niece later recalled, “little girls were to be taught to move very gently, to speak softly and prettily, to say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, ma’am,’ never to tear their clothes, to sew, to knit at regular hours, to go to church on Sunday and make all the responses, and to come home and be catechised.” Harriet"

"Marriage was a noble institution, she declared, provided the husband did not take unfair advantage of his superior legal position and the wife did not succumb to the pressures of society and become a nonentity."

"God and good angels guard us! surely this world, stored outwardly with shapes and influences of beauty and good, is peopled in its intellectual life by myriads of loving spirits that mould our thoughts to good, influence beneficially the course of events, and minister to the destiny of man. Whether the beloved dead make a portion of this company I dare not guess, but that such exist I feel — far off, when we are worldly, evil, selfish; drawing near and imparting joy and sympathy when we rise to noble thoughts and disinterested action. Such surely gather round one on such an evening, and make part of that atmosphere of love, so hushed, so soft, on which the soul reposes and is blest.  "

"she was determined to overcome her loneliness. She allowed no one else to know of the inner struggle, and she fought the battle alone, realizing that no one could help her. The"


Books by Noel B. Gerson

  • Clear for Action!
  • 61 ratings
  • June 16th 2015 by Endeavour Media

    (first published June 1970)

  • Liner
  • 20 ratings
  • 1978 by New English Library

    (first published 1977)

Noel B. Gerson
  • Noel B. Gerson

  • Died: November 23, 1988
  • Born: Chicago, The United States.

  • Description: Noel Bertram Gerson (1913-1988) was an American author who wrote 325 books, including several best sellers, among them two screenplay novelizations penned under the pseudonym Samuel Edwards, The Naked Maja, and 55 Days at Peking.Aside from "Samuel Edwards", which would seem to have been his dedicated by-line for tie-in work, Gerson used the following nine pseudonyms in addition to his own name: Anne Marie Burgess; Michael Burgess; Nicholas Gorham; Paul Lewis; Leon Phillips; Donald Clayton Porter; Dana Fuller Ross; Philip Vail; and Carter A. Vaughan.