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Nissim Levy
  • Nissim Levy

  • Born: in Jaffa, Israel.

  • Description: I have always been a philosopher and a mystic of sorts. When I was a child in Israel I was fascinated by manned flight and space exploration. Those were the years shortly after the first moon landing and there was more optimism in the air for an even greater future of space exploration. I dreamed of becoming an astronaut or at the very least a jet fighter-pilot. Space exploration was a mystical pursuit in my opinion.

    As I matured and entered my teens my interests shifted to more abstract realms. I abandoned my traditional belief in the God of the Hebrew bible and assumed the mantle of atheism. I dreamed of becoming a theoretical physicist. The counter intuitive aspects of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory fascinated and convinced me that there is a veiled aspect to Reality that if understood could lead to a deep spiritual enlightenment. I studied physics for a few years after High School but despite my talent for mathematics and logical thinking I was not suited to formal education. I did not have the temperament for it. I have always been a dreamer. I have always been part poet and part scientist but fully a mystic.

    As I entered my mid thirties my interests became even more abstract and I was enthralled by the great logician Kurt Godel and also by Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry. I was always musing about what I had learned and the implications of such provocative things filled my head with delicious mystery and an overwhelming hunger for the truth.

    The previous sentence is from my novel Shards Of Divinities and it aptly describes my mystical outlook. I became fascinated with writing a book about my ideas. As the years passed my ideas evolved and I began to see that they were converging on notions of divinity; not the traditional god of monotheism bur rather a divinity of what I call Metatheism, which is my attempt to redefine god, and by extension why and how the universe is here. I leveraged ideas from Godel's Incompleteness Theorems and also from Chaos Theory.

    I began writing Shards Of Divinities during the Spring and Summer of 2006. My marriage regrettably broke down in July of 2006 and as a result I stopped writing. For the next six and a half years I clung to my dream of completing my book but I didn't write a word. During late 2012 I became aware of Kindle eBooks and I resumed my writing with the intent of releasing novella sized chunks of my ideas. I didn't want to wait until my grand opus is completed.

    When I first began writing in 2006 I discovered to my great joy that I had a talent for expressing my ideas in a fluid, poetic style. I fell deeply in love not just with pursuing my ideas about god and the soul but also with writing itself. I felt my spirit soar with indescribable frisson when writing. I felt a trance-like communion with divinity. I always wished I could sing and emanate from within people's soul in that way but I don't have the voice for it. When I write I feel that I found my voice.

    Shortly after I published the first iteration of Shards Of Divinities I realized that I could not release it in small chunks. I had to release the whole novel as one cohesive whole. During late 2013 I deactivated Shards Of Divinities from Amazon. After two and a half years of additional, on and off, writing I completed the full novel in May of 2016.

    I've put my heart and soul into writing Shards Of Divinities and I am happy with the outcome. I hope you will be too.