Quotes by Nishta J. Mehra

"To retrain ourselves to speak differently is a way of indicating that we care enough to be more precise, to make space for others who are different."

"If you prick us, do we not bleed? This kind of rhetoric has a long history of softening hostile majority groups enough to allow minority groups to make important gains; it becomes a kind of “shame into tolerance” strategy. The problem, of course, with a moral argument predicated on sameness is that it does not necessarily force anyone to work through the fear of difference at the root of their intolerance"

"Nothing about parenting Shiv is simple, because we're this at once recognizable yet totally unfamiliar amalgam of a twenty-first-century family: white mom, brown mom, black son. We push a lot of cultural buttons[...] We draw attention without trying to, and the world doesn't always know what to do with us. We are still a novelty for most of the people we encounter, and almost everywhere we go, one of us or all of us are in the minority. [...] There is a consciousness about our family's visibility, what it means, how our choices will be judged, and, on top of that, the extra consciousness of trying not to let that factor into our decisions too much."

"Being a nontraditional family means constantly navigating and questioning public perceptions and stereotypes while also being occupied with the same mundane tasks and activities as every other family. . . ."

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Nishta J. Mehra
  • Nishta J. Mehra

  • Date of birth: November 24
  • Born: in Memphis, Tennessee, The United States.

  • Description: NISHTA MEHRA was raised among a tight-knit network of Indian immigrants in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the proud graduate of St. Mary's Episcopal School and holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Rice University and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. Nishta is a fan of bourbon and old-school Tex-Mex (though not necessarily together) and makes a very fine buttermilk biscuit. An English teacher with over a decade of experience in middle and high school classrooms, she lives with her wife, Jill, and their seven-year-old, Shiv, in Phoenix. Connect with her via her nishtajmehra.com, and on Twitter and Instagram @nishtajmehra.