Quotes by Neal Stephenson

"See, the world is full of things more powerful than us. But if you know how to catch a ride, you can go places,"

"Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world. If I moved to a martial-arts monastery in China and studied real hard for ten years. If my family was wiped out by Colombian drug dealers and I swore myself to revenge. If I got a fatal disease, had one year to live, and devoted it to wiping out street crime. If I just dropped out and devoted my life to being bad."

"Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time."

"The difference between stupid and intelligent people – and this is true whether or not they are well-educated – is that intelligent people can handle subtlety."

"Ninety-nine percent of everything that goes on in most Christian churches has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual religion. Intelligent people all notice this sooner or later, and they conclude that the entire one hundred percent is bullshit, which is why atheism is connected with being intelligent in people's minds."

Books by Neal Stephenson

  • Snow Crash
  • 244,133 ratings
  • (first published June 1992)

  • Snow Crash
  • 244,133 ratings
  • August 26th 2003 by Spectra

    (first published June 1992)

  • Cryptonomicon
  • 101,956 ratings
  • November 5th 2002 by Avon

    (first published May 1999)

  • Seveneves
  • 100,543 ratings
  • May 19th 2015 by William Morrow
  • Anathem
  • 66,635 ratings
  • September 9th 2008 by William Morrow
  • Reamde
  • 53,350 ratings
  • September 20th 2011 by William Morrow
Neal Stephenson
  • Neal Stephenson

  • Born: in Fort Meade, MD, The United States.

  • Description: Neal Stephenson is the author of Reamde, Anathem, and the three-volume historical epic the Baroque Cycle (Quicksilver, The Confusion, and The System of the World), as well as Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Snow Crash, and Zodiac. He lives in Seattle, Washington.