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"Jamie popped a handful of Skittles into his bottle of Grolsch. He took a swig and savoured the tangy sweets shrinking in his mouth. He glanced up at the pictures on the pub wall: Alexander Graham Bell, Busby the bird and Sam Spade. The picture of Bogart made Jamie want to put a fag in his mouth"

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Nasser Hashmi
  • Nasser Hashmi

  • Born: Rochdale, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Longlisted for the Bath Novel Prize 2017 for In A Rushdie Winter

    Nasser Hashmi's north-west England roots influenced most of his early work such as 'Season of Sid' and 'A Fistful of Dust' but he has recently branched out to tackle more challenging, global issues such as phone hacking (Wacko Hacko) and the Salman Rushdie affair (In A Rushdie Winter).

    At school, Nasser failed all his exams. This may have been because he had epilepsy from the age of 12 and had undiagnosed coeliac disease from pre-age school. Both these diseases are now under control.

    But it also may have also been because he wasn’t very academic. Some writers are; some aren’t. Some are daydreamers. Some bang their head against desks because they’ve had a seizure. The only requirement for a novelist is a hazy image and a junkie-like thirst for sentences. Also keeping DVD on loop is handy: Determination, Vision, Determination, Vision, Determination…you get the picture.

    After school, Nasser drifted into jobs in restaurants, factories and motor insurance companies before trying to get back into higher education as a mature student. He somehow got a degree and then broke into local journalism, eventually getting a sports sub-editing job on the Sunday Mirror. Along with his novels and sub-editing, he also enjoys writing on his arts blog at nasseronmars.com which has articles on the likes of Sylvia Plath, Ian Curtis and Werner Herzog.