Nadine Millard Quotes

Nadine Millard
  • Nadine Millard

  • Born: Dublin, Ireland.

  • Description: Hey everyone!

    I'm Nadine, a writer from County Laois in Ireland.

    I’ve been writing historical romance since March 2014 and have no plans to stop!

    While my heart belongs to Regency, there are a lot of other genres and ideas fluttering around in my brain so who knows what will happen next?!

    When I'm not writing I can be found scurrying around after my three children. Or my dog. Or my cat.

    I have a brilliant family and wonderful friends who are ever patient and supportive of me.

    I'm sometimes asked where my inspiration comes from. I guess it's from everywhere! I love my gorgeous husband to distraction so that helps! I think I also put a little bit of people I know into my if you know me and you recognize someone... ;)

    Have an ever so mild obsession with Jane Austen and have properly researched time machines in case there's one who could take me back to 1800s. Spoiler alert: there isn’t one. My brain might be odd but it's a pretty fun place to be at times!

    My writing really took off when my youngest started preschool. So now, while my children are being taken care of by teachers, my characters are being taken care of by me!

    To be fair though, I can quite regularly be found at 2am glued to the laptop when I get an idea!