M.L. Hall
  • M.L. Hall

  • Born: in Greenville.

  • Description: Hello,

    I'm Matt Hall, Fantasy and Adventure author. I've had a life of varied experiences that have included everything from designing electrical circuits to saving lives. And I hope to share many of my experiences with you through my fantasy adventure stories.

    I first learned about fantasy adventure stories from my seventh grade teacher when she offered me a copy of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Hobbit. I devoured that book as well as The Lord of The Rings and countless other King Arthur stories. It wasn't until I encountered R.A.Salvatore's writing that I began to take a greater interest in story telling, or rather story entertainment.

    And really that is my goal, to entertain you with stories that you enjoy. That's why I would like to direct you once again to the Connect With M.L.Hall tab on my website www.mlhallbooks.com. It's so important to me that we work on these books together. I'd like to hear your ideas and thoughts on where you would like to see my books go.Perhaps we may even find we have other interests we can share. Like most writers, and for that matter, people surfing the web, I have varied interests. My wife and I enjoy gardening together, camping, and fishing.One of my favorite past times is archery. I'm infatuated with primitive devices and have made countless longbows, some of which even shoot! There is something magical about watching the flight of an arrow.Anyhow, check out my website, view the book samples, and send me an email, strike up a conversation.Sincerely,M.L.Hall