Quotes by Mike Rendell

"Prostitution was never illegal under Common Law and prosecutions could only be brought if the offence was linked with disorderly conduct, public indecency, or some other crime."

"It was generally believed that a woman could spontaneously catch venereal disease from having sex with healthy males, and then infect their male partners."

"At the time the age of consent was just twelve years old, but the market for young virgins meant that many children below this age were entrapped as prostitutes, with orphanages providing a constant supply of newcomers."

Books by Mike Rendell

Mike Rendell
  • Mike Rendell

  • Born: Bristol, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: Once upon a time, a long while ago, I was a lawyer, Then I came to my senses and packed it up to become a historian - more specifically, to become a historian specializing in Britain in the Georgian Era. I was helped by the fact that my family have kept boxes and boxes of letters, diaries and general ephemera from the 18th Century and I decided to write them up as a "Journal of a Georgian Gentleman" - a social history of the times seen through the eyes of my great great great great grandfather.
    I illustrated the book with amazingly intricate paper cut outs made by my ancestor - and followed up my first book with one specifically on 18th Century paper cutting.
    Then followed one on Bristol Blue Glass - a gorgeous full-blue tableware made from adding cobalt oxide to the manufacturing process. Other books will follow as time permits, but all will be on one aspect or another of the Georgian period.