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Michael Sharp
  • Michael Sharp

  • Born: Calgary, Canada.

  • Description: Michael Sharp is a sociologist (a PhD from the University of Alberta), a "mystic," a husband, a father, and a teacher. he was raised Catholic but gave up religion and spirituality at an early age (age 8) primarily because of all the (emotional, psychological, and physical) violence and hypocrisy that he. For decades he floated between a materialist atheism totally hostile to all forms of spiritual belief and a laid back agnosticism where he remained open to empirical convincing, but persistently doubtful about the possibility all the same. Then, one day back in 2002 a series of powerful mystical experience began that totally undermined the materialist foundations of his scientific world world and sent him plummeting down the proverbial rabbit hole. From that point on his life change. While he didn't give up his job, move to a mountaintop, and don a saffron robe, he did shift his research and writing interests as "information" (and lots of it) began to flow.

    The first book to flow from his 'mystical" pen was a new creation story, a new story of Genesis. He called this story The Song of Creation. This revised creation story, this new "song of creation, was different than previous stories. Unlike so many previous "mystical revelations" that had been corrupted by venal social and economic interests, this story flowed powerful and pure. The story was devoid of the violence, hierarchy, exclusion, and judgment. In this canonical creation story, nobody gets punished, and nobody gets "left behind." You can read the beautifully illustrated Song of Creation for free by downloading it (http://datadump.thelightningpath.com/...). If you like the book, please support Michael's work by purchasing a table top copy.Michael's work didn't stop with The Song. Pressure to write was intense and the information was copious and so followed poems, parables, books, and even scholarly articles. He wrote the Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, Dossier of the Ascension, The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You, and others. Like a lot of true mystics of the past Michael's work is copious and sweeping. Unlike a lot of other mystics in the past, it is still expanding and growing. You can get an overview of his work, read his poems, parables, and other writings, by visiting his home page at http://www.michaelsharp.org/