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Michael Christopher Carter
  • Michael Christopher Carter

  • Born: in Harlow, Essex, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: I grew up in the Home Counties of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. I always felt I wanted to be somewhere else and dreamed of sunny beaches and shady woods. I imagined a move abroad would be the answer but when I visited Pembrokeshire to visit my then fiance's family, I succumbed to the 'Pembrokeshire Pull' and have lived in the National Park ever since.
    I have always wanted to be a writer and flirted with the idea, buying a word processor and beginning a number of manuscripts, with very little idea how to actually write a book. When I turned forty something polarised within me, or I just stumbled upon the right advice, and I found the whole thing immensely enjoyable. In fact, I would say I'm only truly happy when I'm writing (I have just completed my fourth book since beginning writing mid-way through 2013!)
    Prior to writing I was a dreaded double glazing salesman. I ended up running my own conservatory design and build company for a number of years before the ill-health of a family member meant moving away from the industry.
    Opportunities can be found in adversity. It began with studying Welsh language and then Psychology. Then I found my confidence in my own life experiences to know I had plenty to give as an author. I am now able to focus on my writing where the long working hours of my past life never would have allowed.
    I live and write in South-West Wales, with my wife, four children and dog!
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