• Melchizedek

  • Date of birth: July 27, 1956
  • Born: in Southend-On-Sea, The United Kingdom.

  • Description: MY INTERESTS ARE >
    Writing, Artwork, Teaching;
    Inventing and New Products;
    My Wife, Love and Family;
    The Gospel, JESUS and God
    The Father; Creation Science;
    Public Speaking; Noah's Ark;
    Current Affairs; The Truth;
    Geography, History, Cosmos;
    Computers, Genuine Science;
    Reading & evolution theory.

    MY FAVOURITE BOOKS >The Most Holy Bible.Truthful Books. SpiritualBooks. Factual Books.True Science Books.The Classics. ProphecyBooks. History Books.Geography & ArchaeologyBooks. Children's BooksFor My Family. Art Books.Current Affairs. BooksAbout Phenomena. NaturalHistory Books. Some SelectFantasy and Fiction Books.English Law Books. RIGHT CLICK THIS LINK ANDOPEN IN A NEW TAB TO READALL ABOUT THIS AUTHOR (Will Avoid You Navigating Away From This Page & Getting Lost)WARNING : The Internet Portal Above Is NOT For The Timid Type, Nor The Really Impatient. This Is A VERY SAFE, Java & FlashEnabled, Highly Graphic, Multimedia, MusicalWeb Network. Take Time To Enjoy The Vision.The best way to know someone, if he'san Author, is to read his Writings.You can do that right now, in-depthabove; or just simply Click thesePictogram Reference Links below.The GoodReads' Home Page ForTHE OPPOSITE IS TRUE - TheGENESIS EDITION New Release. AUTHOR'S SUPERNATURAL, TRUE TESTIMONY. ONLY PARTIALLYDOCUMENTED HERE - FULL NEWBOOK RELEASE PENDING. [Right Click Either Link For A New Tab]Example Of The Author's GraphicDesign & Simple AnimationWork That Also SummarisesTHE OPPOSITE IS TRUE Here : Hey, Thanks for visiting here.Drop by any old time again.Maranatha & Aloha - Mz ...