Quotes by Masha Gessen

"No one is easier to manipulate than a man who exaggerates his own influence."

"It turned out that capitalism alone could make people not only rich and happy but also poor, hungry, miserable, and powerless."

"The people who came were not always the ones who most needed to escape: they were the ones most capable of escaping."

"The Soviet regime robbed people not only of their ability to live freely but also of the ability to understand fully what had been taken from them, and how."

"To create, and to confront, one has to be an outcast."

Books by Masha Gessen

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  • 78,726 ratings
  • Surviving Autocracy
  • 1,963 ratings
  • June 2nd 2020 by Riverhead Books

    (first published June 1st 2020)

Masha Gessen
  • Masha Gessen

  • Date of birth: January 13, 1967
  • Born: in Moscow, USSR.

  • Description: Masha Gessen (born 1967) is an American-Russian journalist, translator, and nonfiction author. They identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

    Born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family in Russia, in 1981 they moved with their family to the United States to escape anti-Semitism. They returned in 1991 to Moscow, where they worked as a journalist, and covered Russian military activities during the Chechen Wars. In 2013, they were publicly threatened by prominent Russian politicians for their political activism and were forced to leave Russia for the United States.

    They write in both Russian and English, and has contributed to The New Republic, New Statesman, Granta and Slate. Gessen is a staff writer at The New Yorker, covering international politics, Russia, LGBT rights, and gender issues.