Masaharu Taniguchi Quotes

Masaharu Taniguchi
  • Masaharu Taniguchi

  • Date of birth: November 22, 1893
  • Died: June 17, 1985
  • Born: in Kobe, Japan.

  • Description: Masaharu Taniguchi was a Japanese New Thought leader, founder of Seicho-no-ie
    He began studying English literature at the University of Waseda, Tokyo. In parallel, he also studied the works of Fenwicke Holmes, and subsequently translated Holmes' book, The Law of Mind in Action into Japanese. In 1929, after much study and contemplation, he reported having received a divine revelation followed by the healing of his daughter. This led in 1930 to the creation of a magazine, Seicho-no-ie ("home of infinite life, wisdom, and abundance"). The movement grew during the 1930s, although was suppressed during World War II. In 1962, he co-authored a book with Fenwicke Holmes called The Science of Faith.
    Taniguchi died in a Nagasaki hospital on June 17, 1985, at the age of ninety-one.