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Maryrose Wood
  • Maryrose Wood

  • Born: The United States.

  • Description: Sending big hugs and loveawoo to all.

    I'm so pleased to introduce you to my new book: Alice's Farm, A Rabbit’s Tale. In stores on September 1st; available for preorder now.

    Alice is an eastern cottontail. Genus sylvagia, species floridanus. About three pounds full grown, if she makes it that far.

    Life at the bottom of the food chain is no picnic! But that doesn’t worry Alice much. She's too busy doing all she can to save her beautiful farmland home—not just for herself, but for all the creatures of the valley between the hills.

    Yup, all of ’em! Even that new family of farmers who just moved into the big red
    house across the meadow. They don’t know much about farming, being from
    the city. They mean well. But they’re easy pickins for the local apex predator (he's a real estate developer, in case you couldn't tell).

    But Alice has a plan to help.

    Rabbits helping farmers? That’s awfully unusual, isn’t it? Well, you're right
    about that, young’un!

    Let’s put it this way: Alice is no ordinary rabbit.

    With loveawoo,

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    You can download it right here: