Martin Kimeldorf Quotes

Martin Kimeldorf
  • Martin Kimeldorf

  • Born: in 1948, The United States.

  • Description: All my books start with an interest in learning a new topic. For me learning is living. When the “binder of notes” piles up too high I try to organize it all. Once that happens I sometimes find the structure for a book.

    I work notoriously backwards beginning with the title and a cover design in photoshop. (I'm a bit of a photographer as well).

    I write and write and then send off for field reviews or feedback from experts or the subject of my title. Along the way I meet very interesting, sometimes life-long friends. Writing about 1 title a year in my off time I made enough to buy computers and cameras and continuously upgrade them, take a few trips now and then. Being totally honest, maybe 50% of the titles never made a dime. Yet I enjoyed breathing life into all my “kids”.

    I suggest anyone perusing the writing life to pursue it as a labor of love because if you are chasing after profits you will be greatly disappointed i the doller-per-hour game. Now with print-on-demand we no longer have to deal with agents or pubs. (Though I got most of my contracts without agents!!). Along the way I earned awards for teaching, writing, and playwiting…still having a ball retired at 68. Still worried about how the end will come…

    Today the so called publishing world has it's hand out all the time. Beware the sucker bait where somehow in the pursuit of a title you find yourself handing over your visa card number. Want to make some real money, pick up bottles and recycle them locally. Want to have a full life, keep writinf and learning and sharing.

    In addition to poetry and plays my printed titles cover many how-to topics such as: bbq cooking, green screen photography, modeling, job finding, resume writing, career portfolios, leisure wellness, volunteering, aging well (gourmet aging), teaching, journaling, writing obituaries worth reading, mixology, romantic poetry, Persian poetry of Omar Khayyám. Essays on politics, cosmology, brain tumors and the bright shiny thing down the street. In 20016 I’ll release 4 new titles and try to get the word out. Any help is appreciated