Quotes by Martin Caidin

"And there is the sound, the one that grates deepest against the nerves, that is hellish and hated, that knifes into the brain and makes a man wince through and through. A scream, metallic, thin, and high, a slender file blade cutting through the nerves. Above all else there is this cry of the fighter racing in close, sounding a scream that can be none other. Out of the whole"

"are months of experience, bitter and bloody. “Schweinfurt — that’s that god-damned killer town,” one officer mumbles as the order clatters from its teletype machine. Ahead are many hours of intense manipulation of men, machines, aviation gasoline, incendiary bombs, and high explosives. The coordination of the sprawling complex is truly a masterful effort, so that the VIII may spawn into the sky several hundred bombers, several thousand men, thousands of bombs, and hundreds of thousands of machine-gun bullets. Into the great"

"dispersal of important plants following attacks upon vital points was undertaken.” The dispersal of the German bearings industry was"

Martin Caidin
  • Martin Caidin

  • Date of birth: September 14, 1927
  • Died: March 24, 1997
  • Born: in New York, New York, The United States.

  • Description: Martin Caidin was a prolific and controversial writer. Most of his work centered around the adventures of pilots and astronauts. A number of his books were notable for their reasonable, realistic predictions of then-futuristic technology.

    Caidin's body of work was prolific and varied, ranging from additional speculative/SF novels such as Marooned, which was made into an acclaimed film and considered a harbinger of the Apollo 13 accident, to a novel based upon the character Indiana Jones. He also wrote many non-fiction books about science, aviation and warfare.