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Martha Sears
  • Martha Sears

  • Description: Martha is the mother of eight children, a registered nurse, a former childbirth educator, a La Leche League leader, and a lactation consultant. Martha is the co-author of 25 parenting books and is a popular lecturer and media guest drawing on her eighteen years of breastfeeding experience with her eight children (including Stephen with Down Syndrome and Lauren, her adopted daughter). Martha speaks frequently at national parenting conferences and is noted for her advice on how to handle the most common problems facing today's mothers with their changing lifestyles. Martha is able to connect with both full-time mothers and mother who work full-time, because she herself has experienced both styles of parenting Martha takes great pride in referring to herself as a "professional mother" and one of her favorite quips when someone voices their concern about her having eight children in an already populated world is: "The world needs my children."